Remove Password Field Eye Symbol from Internet Explorer in Windows 8

Microsoft has introduced many new features in Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 being one of them. Not only is Internet Explorer 10 more secure but it also gives a better performance as compared with its older versions. Although Internet Explorer 10 now comes with better security features, its Password Eye feature can jeopardize the security of your passwords. Most Internet Explorer 10 users will have noticed that when we start typing in the password in the password field, Internet Explorer shows a small eye which can be used to view the entered password. This is a good option for checking whether we have entered the right password or not but for obvious security reasons I would rather remove it from my Internet Explorer. I’m sure there many users who would also like to remove this option from their Windows 8 Internet Explorer.


Both Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 do not have any direct option to remove this option. The only way to set and remove this option is by using Group Policy editor. The removal method can seem quite complicated to new users but if you are follow the steps mentioned below, it can be done easily.

Open the RUN box and enter the command gpedit.msc to open Windows 8 Group Policy editor, an advanced area from where you can configure many hidden settings of Windows 8.


In the Group Policy editor, navigate the following setting:

Computer Configuration Expand Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Credential User Interface

Now look in the right-panel and double click on Do not display the password reveal button.


When you double click on Do not display the password reveal button, it will open a configuration window from where you can enable this option.


That’s all. Now when you start Internet Explorer again, you will notice that the eye icon next to the password field has disappeared.

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