Top 10 Android Apps for Rooted Device

Android is the only Smartphone OS which enables and happily allows you to customize user experience to the fullest. Let it be changing the user interface or installing custom ROM, let it be personalizing your device functions or tweaking from upside down, you can

How to Backup Data on Windows Phone 8

Smartphones are now becoming smarter than ever before and they are designed to automatically do all of the daily stuff for the user without their supervision and manually creating tasks to run. Such is the case of backup, in Windows Phone this task is

Guide to Root Android Phone

Android is the most widely used mobile OS. Every other second there are around 10k of Android phones becoming active all around the globe. The reason for this amazing success of Android is its interface and app support, unlike other mobile OS such as

Top 10 Must Have Apps For Windows Phone 8

Smartphones are at best when loaded with useful apps. Although Android have gained much of user’s attention over the years but Windows is now considered as the better option to Android Smartphones. Main reason behind Android’s success is its clear-cut interface, simple navigation and