IDM: “Download This Video” Option Not Appearing for YouTube and Other Video Websites

I personally like to use IDM for downloading all types of files from the internet because it is the top download manager available with lots of pretty features. At present, IDM supports most of the available browsers on the internet. Internet users know very well that it is very difficult to download any video from video streaming websites without using any software but installing a lot of software on the computer makes it slow and hogs all of the internet bandwidth. If you install IDM on your computer then you will never need to install any other tool to download videos from the internet because it comes with video download as well.

When you open any video on YouTube or any other video streaming website, IDM automatically shows you an option, “Download this video” to download the running video on the computer. This is a great idea as you can perform two tasks with a single software download manager and video downloader. But sometimes IDM fails to show the “Download this video” option on the playing video files and this can be quite annoying for many users as they only rely on IDM and have been using it for a long time. It can become extremely frustrating when IDM stops showing the downloading option on YouTube videos because then you need to download some other video downloader from the internet specially to download that video file.

I read on many forums and websites that lots of users face this problem with IDM when they want to download a video from the internet. But I have a solution for this; actually its solution is available with IDM as well. You need to reconfigure some options in IDM to enable the “Download this video” feature on browsers.

If IDM is not showing any button on the video to download the video file on the computer then you should try these fixes:

1. First of all, open IDM, select Options from the Downloads menu.


2. In the Options window, click on the General tab and make sure all the required options are enabled, especially “Use advanced browser integration” and “Run module for monitoring IE based browser (AOL, MSN, Avant etc)”. After that, check the browser list and make sure your browser is selected there. In my case, I use IE, Chrome and Firefox so I selected all these browsers.


3. Now, look down the same General tab and Edit button for the “Customize IDM menu items in context menu of browsers” option. There you will see two tabs 1. Internet Explorer and IE based and 2. Firefox and other Mozilla based. Click on both tabs and make sure all the options are selected as shown in the image bellow. Once you enable all the options, click on the OK button to save your work.


4. In the same General tab, you will find one more option to Edit called “Customize IDM Download panels in browsers”. Click on the Edit button to check its options. Check all file types and make sure all the video file types are available there for download; if any specific video file type is missing, add it using the Add button. After that make sure the “Don’t capture downloads from web-players automatically” option is not selected, otherwise it will stop the video downloading feature from the web player.


You have to configure all these settings in IDM. The next tip is only for Firefox users. In Firefox, IDM install one special IDM to enable all the IDM features in Firefox. Make sure the IDM extension/add-on is enabled in your Firefox browser. If the IDM add-on is disabled in Firefox, IDM will stop working with Firefox and won’t download any video or other file automatically.

I have explained all the issues and their fixes and I hope they will help you to find the solution to the video downloading problem for IDM. Please let me know if your problem still exists after using all the above steps.

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