YouTube Metro App for Windows 8 [Download Now]

YouTube is one of the world’s top video sharing websites and millions of people use it every day. A huge number of new videos are uploaded on YouTube each day and these YouTube videos get millions of hits from people all around the world. In fact, you can say that it is the best video sharing website and no other video sharing website is a match for it. The good news is YouTube will now appear on your Windows 8 Metro Wall as a Metro App. Yep, it’s true. YouTube Metro App is now available for Windows 8 and you can view all of your favorite videos directly on Windows 8 Metro Wall without visiting the YouTube website manually on the browser.

As we know, Windows 8 Metro is gaining popularity quickly but there are limited numbers of Metro Apps on Metro Store that are available for download and use. Developers have started developing new Metro Apps and Windows 8 Metro App store is being peppered with new apps daily. The latest app in Windows 8 Metro App Store is YouTube8. This app is not the official Metro App from YouTube but works well enough and you will get all the features that any YouTube visitor wishes for. You can install this app from Windows 8 Metro App store and once you install it, it will appear on the Windows 8 Metro Wall.

How to Install YouTube Metro App?

The easiest way to install Metro Apps is to use Windows 8 Charms Bar search option because otherwise you will waste a lot of time searching for your favorite application using Windows 8 Metro Apps store. To search and install YouTube8 app, go to Windows 8 Charms Bar (Win + C) and click on the search option. In the search window, type youtube8 and click on the Store option to find out applications which are related to YouTube. Within a few seconds, you will get the results in the left panel and you can click on the application that you want to install.


After installing YouTube8 Metro App, you can launch it from Windows 8 Metro wall. After launching YouTube8, you will see all the top viewed, most viewed, most popular, most shared, most discussed, most responded, top rated, top favorites, trending and recently featured videos. To view details and controls of any video, just click on the video title. When you open any video using YouTube8, unlike on YouTube, it does not play automatically; to view any video you need to manually press the Play button.


You can view all the details about the video and comments in the playback window. Although there is an option to view all the comments left by other visitors, there is no option to write your own comment. When you right-click on any visible area, YouTube8 will popup a small option at the bottom to view the video in normal quality or HD quality. YouTube8 does not support background play which means you can’t do any other work in case you just want to listen to music on YouTube. Other than a few lacking features, YouTube8 is an excellent application to view your favorite videos directly on Windows 8.

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