WinMailer: Portable Tool to Send Emails with Attachments Quickly

Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera, Windows Live Mail and Dream mail are some of the popular email client applications to send and receive emails in Windows without navigating websites on the browser. All of these email clients are mostly used by businessmen or by people who receive heaps of emails every day. A lot of people also use email client applications to store emails on their computer for backup purposes. But most of the average Windows users do not install any email client application on their computer because it takes time and a perennial internet connection to use it. If we haven’t installed any email client and want to send an email or file to someone then we need to open our email service provider’s website on the browser.

You will be happy to know that a quick and easy solution is now available for Windows users that will allow them to send emails with attachments to any email address without any client application or manually browsing website on the internet. The solution is a freeware portable application, WindMailer. It is a 100% clean and easy to configure portable application (developed by TWC) which lets you send emails (with attachment) quickly from Windows. As of now, WinMailer supports Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other custom email accounts. WinMailer is the quickest way to send short messages to someone and you can also add attachments if you like. If you don’t want to open the web interface or your mail client and go through many clicks to simply send a mail, this is the ultimate application for you.


How to use WinMailer?

Using WinMailer is extremely easy as compared to any email client software and it is compatible with all the popular email service providers as well as any custom email service. You can check the above image where I’ve marked all the steps in numbers. First of all, you need to enter your email address, password and choose the email provider whose service you are using. For security reasons, your password will not be stored anywhere. If you are using a predefined email provider then you don’t need to enter the port number and server URL because WinMailer will configure them automatically. If, on the other hand, you are using a custom email address like your company’s email ID then you need to enter the port number and server URL provided by that particular email provider. Next, you need to enter the receiver’s details. As of now, WinMailer supports sending email only to a single address at a time so you can type in the desired email address. Add to list option is also available to save your receiver’s details for future use or reference.

In the message area, enter your Subject and your message. If you want to send any file along with the message, click on the Attachments button and browse the files that you want to send (Note that attachment file size limit must be less than 25MB as most email service providers don’t support file attachments over 25MB). You can also click on the Spell Check button to check for any spelling mistakes in your message. Finally, click on the Send button and your email will be sent automatically within a few seconds. To write another email, click on the Reset button and WinMailer will be ready to send another email with attachment.

All the above steps are easy to follow and any Windows user can use it to send emails instantaneously.

[Download WinMailer]

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