WindowsAndroid: Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Its Apps on Windows

Android is a feature rich operating system for smartphones and most mobile manufacturers use it as a primary OS for their devices. Unlike Windows Mobile OS, it has millions of apps that can be downloaded from Google Play. Google Play is an online market for Android apps from where you can download free apps and buy premium apps too. Until now, users needed a Android based smartphone or had to download Android OS ISO to run any Android apps. But this is not a necessity anymore because a freeware Windows application, WindowsAndroid, is able to run complete Android OS on Windows without any type of dependencies.

WindowsAndroid works smoothly on the Windows operating system without any dependencies like a smartphone. The best thing about this application is that it works without any simulator like VirtaulBox so it will be fast on your computer. It uses Windows Kernel so you can run any type of Android apps and 3D Games once you download and install it on your computer.


My personal experience with WindowsAndroid has been good so far. I tested a couple of apps and they worked fine however it crashed several times as it is still in test mode. As of now, Google Play is not supported by this application which is why you need to install apps on this tool via other solutions. ICS starts with the same unlock screen as seen in mobile phones. You can use your mouse to unlock the lock screen to enter the homescreen.


To install apps, you can paste the apks files of the apps into data/app folder that you will find in the installation directory of WindowsAndroid. Once you place the apks in the data/app folder, you can access them via WindowsAndroid ICS and install them directly. This is the pure version of ICS and does not include any custom work like HTC Sense in HTC Mobile Phones and TouchWiz in Samsung Smartphone. WindowsAndroid is the idle solution for people who have always wanted to run Android ICS on their computer without any heavy configuration and software. Developers can also use this application to test their Android apps before launching them on Google Play.

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