Windows Tweaker 4.0: Ultimate Tweaking Tool for Windows 8 and 7

I have reviewed many tweaking applications and tricks on this blog since the last year. Tweaking Windows 7 is always liked by its numerous users because using tweaks we can get some extra features on Windows. Today, I am going to review the ultimate tool to set lots of tweaks on Windows 7, Vista and XP as well. It is called Windows Tweaker and it allows you to tweak your Windows 8/7/Vista/XP; both x86 and x64 systems are supported. You must have noticed that it supports Windows 8 also. This is important because there are only a few applications available on the internet that are able to tweak Windows 8 also. So if you have Windows 8 installed, you can use it just as you can use it on Windows 7 or XP.

It is the ultimate tweaker tool which contains 11 main categories and access to 38 Windows tools (Device Manager, Registry Editor, DirectX Troubleshooter, Advanced Disk Cleanup, etc) all in a single place. It is a great collection of all Windows tweaks. In fact, it supports more than 100 tweaks to set in Windows. All interfaces on this application are very easy to navigate and all tweaks well divided in categories all of which helps you to find out specific tweaks for Windows.

In the first category System, you can set all the basic information in Windows such as shutdown configuration, manage Windows installer service and Registration information. You can also customize Windows OEM information like Manufacturer, Model, Support Phone and the URL of Support. Use Logo option to change your OEM brand logo as well.


I can’t review all the categories and their tweaks because there are more than 100 but I will try to explain some of the best tweaks of this application. In the Explorer category, you can set all the Windows Explorer related tweaks but I like only one, Drive letter display. You can use Drive letter display to customize how the drives are displayed in My Computer such as show drive letters before name or after or don’t show at all. You will remember that a whole ago, I reviewed one application and tweak to customize the right-click Send to.. menu in Windows. You can get the same feature in this application as well. Right-Click category has options to customize Right-Click menu related settings and you can add new items to Windows right-click Send to.. menu here too.


Places category in this application is also useful because it gives some of the best tweaks of this application. Regular readers of my blog will know about Windows 7 God Mode where you can set all the Windows 7 settings from one place. Normally, we need to enter some codes to get the God Mode of Windows but using this app we can create it instantly. Just browse the location folder where you want to start God Mode and this application will create God Mode for you. Another tweak in the same category is to customize the Openwith option. It offers full customization of Openwith menu and you can remove or add any item to the Openwith option.


Here I would like to explain one more category of this application – Utilities. This is another great option of this tweaker. It does not set any tweaks or customization on Windows but you can access most of the small utilities in Windows from here. We can say that it is the shortcut area of available utilities in Windows such as registry editor, disk cleanup, device manager, shared folder and many others.


    • Windows Tweaker has over 100 useful tweaks for your Windows 8/7/Vista/XP which you can’t find available, by default in Windows.
    • Windows Tweaker is your one-stop place for all your important tweaks bundled in a single place.
    • Windows Tweaker is highly reliable and doesn’t affect your system in any way. All the applied tweaks can be safely undone, without leaving any traces (our main focus is reliability).
    • Windows Tweaker is a small, efficient and easy to use tweaker.
    • You can enhance your Windows for smooth running, faster performance and lower memory consumption by using  Windows Tweaker

I have one more tip for my users; please create a Restore Point of the system before going to use any tweaking tool or customization tool to change Windows. Sometimes customization tools make the system unstable and if you have created a Restore Point of Windows then you don’t need to worry about problems caused by the tweaking and customization tools.

[Download Windows Tweaker 4.0]

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