View YouTube Videos That Are Blocked in Your Country

YouTube is the top video website all over the world and gets millions of visitors per day. YouTube is the biggest video portal on the internet and this is the reason that it always works with term and conditions in different countries. Sometimes YouTube blocks certain videos for specific countries, because the video is either banned by the country or is considered to have illegal content for that specific country. There are lots of reasons why a YouTube video viewing is banned in some countries. Sometimes though, if you really want to watch an important video and YouTube has blocked it for your country, it can be exceedingly frustrating.

There are some ways to view a blocked video on YouTube such as using proxy addresses and VPN services but both methods might seem complicated to some users. Now we have a better and easy way to view restricted videos on YouTube. designed a plugin called YouTube Unblocker for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera to easily unblock videos that are not allowed in your country.


How does the YouTube Unblocker?

When you call a blocked YouTube video, it attempts to retrieve the video on YouTube Unblocker foreign servers. If successful, you will directly be shown the complete automatically unlocked video. Here, only the YouTube site is loaded from our servers, the video then goes on directly over your connection and loads through the foreign server instead.

It works automatically with your browser and after installation you don’t have to configure any settings on the browser. When you open any restricted video in YouTube, this add-on will start working and show the message – “YouTube Unblocker is trying to unblock this video” and load the video after a few seconds. I think it is more refined way to view blocked YouTube videos that are specially banned in your country without installation or manually configuration of proxies on the system.


You can download the plugin from its developer website which can be accessed using the below link.

[Download YouTube Unblocker]

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