How to Upgrade Google Docs with New Google Drive

I am a big fan of Google Docs service because it lets me keep all my documents online which can be edited, viewed and shared around the world using just an internet connection. There are millions of people who are using Google Docs service to store their documents online and the major reason behind its popularity is that Google Docs is a great combination of featured and security. I always prefer storing all my important documents only with Google because it has a 2-step verification process which makes it impossible for anyone to hack my Google account. I have never been worried about security on Google.

As we know, Google has integrated the Google Docs service into Google Drive a few months back and now they have changed its looks and added some more features to add to its allure. Google had already modified its Google Docs service and users can now enjoy its extra features with a clean, compact and easy to use layout.

You can also turn your old Google Docs account into a new stylish and more compact Google Drive account after following the instructions given below:

First, login with your Google Docs account and click on the Gear (Settings) icon to open the pop-up menu. From the pop-up menu, click on the Upgrade to new look option.


In all, I noted two new visible improvements after Google Docs was integrated with Google Drive. First, now you can create a new folder quickly without going to the left side menu because Google has added a new option at the top of Google Drive to create a new folder instantly.


The second of the new visible improvements is that there is now an option to change the documents and file/folder layout. Now you can switch between List and Grid view using the option which is available at the top.


I noticed an additional feature in the Sort menu and that is Quota used. It is a new useful feature added by Google because now you can track which files occupy most space in your Google Drive. As we know that Google Drive offers a limit of 5GB free space for each account and it becomes important that you manage all your data accordingly. Here I want to bring to the notice of my readers that according to Google, “Google Docs and files converted to Google Docs format don’t take up storage space. Only synced or uploaded files take up storage space. Files shared with you and Google Docs (like a Google document or spreadsheet) don’t take up any of your storage space. Items that don’t count toward your storage will show as “—” in Google Drive.” It means that you need to check the file size only for those files that are already uploaded or being uploaded by you. To free up storage space, you can delete files or individual versions of a file by moving them to the Trash.

All in all, I think it would be better if you go for the new upgraded version of Google Docs.

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