Unlock All Windows 7 and Vista BitLocker Drives using Unlocker

Windows 7 BitLocker feature is very advance drive security features and you can use it for protect your data from unwanted authorize if you system using by other peoples also. You can easily secure your system drive using this security feature. But if you have multiple drives on system and all have BitLocker protected then you can feel uncomfortable during unlock all because it is long process that you select all drives one by one and enter password for unlock back them. Windows not support any other quick method for unlock all at single click. For solve this problem just launched new application BitLocker Drives Unlocker. It is very small and portable application for easier to unlock your BitLocker encrypted drives in Windows 7.


It is very easy to use after start this application you can see list of all drives locked with BitLocker. For unlock them just enter password and press Unlock button. If you are using same passwords for all drivers then check box “Same password for all” and press Unlock button. You can also set application for Windows startup so that you can access it easily on every Window startup.

You can use this application on Windows Vista and Windows 7 both 32/64 bit version.

[Download BitLocker Drives Unlocker]


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