Uninstall and Backup Android Apps in Batches with App Manager

Most Android devices support Custom ROM installation and many users prefer not installing it on their Android smartphone and tablets because after installing Custom ROM on Android, you need to reinstall everything else. Installing custom ROM in Android device uninstalls everything and deletes all your data. In case you have not backed up your data beforehand you will lose all of your information in your Android device. It will be more painful if you have limited speed internet connection because after installing Custom ROM, you have to reinstall all the apps again from the Google Store which requires a fast internet speed.

People who are looking to update their Android with Custom ROM will find the App Manager app from Google Play a blessing. App Manager is a light-weight tool designed to simply help the user to uninstall and backup applications in batches with the least amount of permissions as possible. Once any Android user installs App Manager on their Android device and start it, it will list all the installed applications and display the information of each app. Afterward, the user can choose the apps from the list that they want to uninstall and backup. App Manager will not backup any private files.

Batch uninstallation of apps from the Android device is very easy. Just choose the app that you want to uninstall or you can choose multiple files too and uninstall them all at once. The backup process is similar to the uninstallation process of an Android app – choose the apps that you want to backup and click on the Backup option. You can backup a single app or choose multiple apps for the batch backup process. App Manager will start the backup process and back up all the selected apps one by one. You will find the finished backup files at the following location:




App Manager does exactly what it says and is worth a try to backup all the installed apps on your Android smartphone and tablet.

[Install App Manager from Google Play]

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