UC BrowserHD Now Available for Windows 8

UC Browser is not a new phenomenon on the internet. It is a very popular browser among some of the top browsers on Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Java apps for mobiles. Now UCWeb Inc. has released UC BrowserHD for Windows. Windows 8 already consists of IE10 that supports both desktop and handheld touch devices. Internet Explorer 10 is available for Windows 8 by default and is available in two different versions; the first version being a normal browser for desktop whereas the second version being a browser with modern UI that works perfectly fine on Windows 8 tablet. You can also use it on your Windows 8 desktop as well. Most of the browser developers have started working on developing browsers with Modern UI for Windows 8 and the latest one to enter the race is none other than UC BrowserHD.

UC BrowserHD has been designed to provide a unique browsing experience to Windows 8 users putting into use the combination of speed and stability. UC BrowserHD comes with a lot of new features including speed dial and integration of popular search engines. UC BrowserHD startup screen consists of all the popular website links which you can use to browse your favorite websites quickly and easily. All the popular websites are very well categorized in a systematic manner and hence will not face any issue while finding out your favorite website.


UC BrowserHD performs well with most of the websites but when we compare it with the most recent version of IE10, it does not comprise of anything new or special features. Websites open in tabs and you can easily switch from one tab to another when you use UC BrowserHD on your Windows 8 tablet. You can enter the new website URL into address bar which is available at the bottom and on the same bar you can access back and forward options. Small search engine bar new address bar is also very useful for searching web queries quickly with your favorite search engine.


Overall, UC BrowserHD is a nice Modern UI browser for Windows 8 users. It can be considered as a good replacement to Internet Explorer 10 if you are looking for another browser with some new and exciting features. I like its speed dial feature the most which contains the entire popular website in categorized mode that helps you to browse websites more quickly. You should try this app on your Windows 8 and check for yourself whether it will be useful for you or not.


  • Preload- The content on next page will be preloaded according to key words.
  • Save Image As- Long press an image and you can choose to save it to local.
  • Reopen Pages- If the browser crashes, you can reopen the pages you were viewing.
  • Smoother Operation- Speed optimization when opening and using Bookmarks, History, and more.

[UC BrowserHD]

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