Tune Windows 7 and Windows 8 Backgrounds with Desktop Background Tuner

Desktop backgrounds in Windows are very important because they define the basic look of our desktop and are the first thing that we see when we start Windows. Background settings are available in all Windows OS, starting from Windows 95 to my knowledge and Microsoft has only enhanced its Background features with every new release of Windows. Windows 7 and Windows 8 support multiple settings for background like for example, users can set their own background image, they can create a slideshow to change the background automatically after specific time intervals and can also set the picture position. To get some extras feature in Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can try the latest freeware utility Desktop Background Tuner. It allows you to change a few hidden registry settings of Desktop Background in Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is a fully portable application and works without any installation. Just download it and unzip the downloaded file to start Desktop Background Tuner.


In Desktop Background Tuner, you can add or remove new groups by simply adding new Picture locations. In the above image, I have created a new Group of pictures called TechFeb and added the Picture Location or collection of my wallpapers folder. Users can add a number of Picture Locations in a newly created group. There are no restrictions to edit or modify Windows default groups of wallpapers. Desktop Background Tuner comes with a Restore Defaults button to help Windows users to get back to the original settings of Backgrounds in case they make a mistake while editing the settings.


The newly created group and its wallpapers will automatically appear in Windows Personalization > Desktop Background settings. In the downloaded file of Desktop Background Tuner, you will find two separate files, one for Windows 7 and another for Windows 8.


  • Add or remove items into “Picture Location” combobox.
  • Add or remove folders to “Windows Desktop Backgrounds” group in Desktop Background settings.
  • Add or remove folders to any other group you have added in “Picture Location” combobox.
  • Add personal folder or add system-wide folder to group.
  • You can control grouping of images. There are several setting available:
    • grouping by file author
    • grouping by file comment
    • grouping by date
    • grouping by file extension
    • grouping by Mime type
    • grouping by file name (non-localized)
    • grouping by file name (localized with desktop.ini)

[Download Desktop Background Tuner]

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