TubeStop: Control YouTube Video with Keyword Shortcuts

YouTube is the most popular online video sharing website and is home to millions of videos about anything and everything. Most of us use YouTube for entertainment or to get information about any topic. YouTube has a built-in video player where visitors can watch videos but you need to use your mouse to play/pause, control volume, jump to a different part of the video and control the video any other way. As you know, most software and applications have a feature wherein you can use keyboard shortcuts to operate them but YouTube does not offer any such option. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an option to control YouTube videos with keyboard shortcuts too?

By default, YouTube does not have an option or feature to control videos via keyboard but we can add these features by installing a Chrome extension called TubeStop. By using this extension on Chrome, we can control any YouTube video by simply using keyboard.

You can use the following keyboard keys to control YouTube videos:

  • Spacebar – Play/Pause any YouTube video.
  • Ctrl + Up/ Ctrl + Down – Control volume control
  • Ctrl + Left and Ctrl + Right – Jumps to previous and next videos while viewing a playlist.

It also plays every video in HD quality by default.


How to Use TubeStop?

Once you install this extension on Chrome, it will not start working automatically. You need to enable it by clicking on its toolbar icon. Once you enable it, you can use your keyboard keys to control the video. It doesn’t have a configuration window and does not support customization of the available keyboard shortcuts. TubeStop is a handy extension for those who spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos daily. This extension can be used to control YouTube videos in a better way.

[Install TubeStop]

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