Top Clock Apps from Windows 8 Apps Store to Check Time in Windows 8

As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Time is money’ and this applies even more so in today’s world. With our busy schedules these days, time is of the utmost importance and thus clocks are an integral part of our lives. In ancient times, when there were no clocks, people used to measure time with sun dials and sand hourglasses but it’s a different story now. Now, everything has gone digital and clocks are available in thousands of formats and designs. Apart from checking the time on mobile phones, the computer clock is a common way to check the time especially for people who spend most of their time in front of the computer. By default, Microsoft has added a small clock in most of its operating systems but in Windows 8, user can use it in many different ways using Windows 8 apps.

Windows 8 Apps is a great way to get a lot of extra features without installing any heavy applications. Since the last few months I have been reviewing some of the best (and free) Windows 8 Apps for my visitors like DailyMotion app, eBay shopping app, CyberLink PowerDVD and many other popular Windows 8 apps from the Apps Store. In this article, I am going to review the top free Windows 8 clock apps for Windows 8 users. Hope you will enjoy them.

Windows 8 Clock Apps:

Clock Tile: It is a freeware Windows 8 Clock App which makes your Start Screen complete with a Tile that shows the time, the biggest thing missing on your Start Screen. It is a simple clock app and is able to work in the background. You can use it as a screensaver in Windows 8. There are no additional options available with the Clock Tile app. It supports live time updates on tile so that you can check the current time without starting this app. You can search for Clock Tile in Windows 8 Apps Store to install this app.


Alarm Clock: This is another freeware clock app in Windows 8 Apps Store with an alarm feature. It is a fully customizable clock and you can set your favorite colors and backgrounds. It comes with 4 different types of clocks and you can move between them using the arrow button available on the clock screen. It is a freeware version but has Microsoft ads. If you are really enjoying this app and don’t want to see the Microsoft ads then you should buy this app from the Windows 8 Apps Store. It also supports live feeds from top websites like Yahoo, Engadget, ReadWriteWeb and many more popular websites. As of now, it does not support any custom feed option.


Time Tile: For people who are looking for a simple time app for Windows 8, Time Tile is the best option. Time Tile offers you Live Tile where you can check the current time on your Windows 8 Start Screen. You can select wide or small tile to manage tiles on the Start Screen. It shows the time in 12 hour mode and the day of the week. When the app is running, it shows the current time in the middle of the screen. Can also be snapped.


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