Top 5 Freeware Text Editors for Windows

As we know, Windows has a built-in file editing software, Notepad, to edit text files easily but Notepad is not an all-in-one editor and it can’t be used to edit computer languages codes (c, c++, CSS, php etc) because it shows codes like a normal text. For web developers and other text editors, it becomes imperative that they have a good freeware alternative of Windows Notepad program to get some more features. I personally edit CSS, PHP, Java Script and other coding files for web development and I do not use Notepad to do so. Today, I am going to review five of the best freeware text editors for Windows that you can use to edit text and/or all types of coding work.

1. Notepad ++

Notepad++ is one of the top freeware text editors all over the world. Notepad++ is a free (as in “free speech” and also “free beer”) source code editor and a Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Notepad++ supports a number of features which are not available in Windows default Notepad program. Notepad++ has Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding which help developers to easily identify languages codes and errors. It supports multiple tabs at a single time with zoom in and zoom out function as well. In addition, Notepad++ users can do Macro recording and playback. Personally, I have been using Notepad++ to edit all types of coding files.


[Download Notepad++]

2. ConTEXT

This is another popular freeware text editor to edit all types of language and text files. Most of its features are similar to Notepad++. For instance, you can edit multiple files at a single time, it supports syntax highlighting for most coding languages, file compare, Macro recorder and many more features. Using ConTEXT, you can print customizable color printing with print preview feature. Coders can easily customize syntax highlighter colors, cursors, margin, gutter and line spacing according to their requirements.


3. EditPad Lite

If you are looking for the best text editing software and would like to use it as a Notepad program alternative then EditPad Lite is a really interesting application for Windows. It supports a large and long list of file formats to open all types of text file without any issues. It also supports tab browsing to open and edit multiple files in Windows. Automatic backup feature is able to keep your data safe to prevent data loss and I think this is a really important part of editing. EditPad application is available in two versions – EditPad Lite which is available for free and EditPad Pro which gives some more features as compares with the freeware Lite version.


[Download EditPad Lite]

4. TotalEdit Free

TotalEdit is a powerful notepad replacement and text editor packed full of features to help everyone from office workers, journalists through to programmers and web site editors. It is a perfect application to edit all types coding files including PHP, HTML, Javascript, Ruby, CSS, JSP and many others. You can also use this application to edit hex files and other programming related stuff. Some other powerful features are auto-Completion, Code-Folding, Language specific Syntax-Coloring, Plug-in External Compilers like Javac, Preview Web Pages, fully customizable environment, spell checker and much more. TotalEdit is available for free for commercial and non-commercial use.

[Download TotalEdit Free]

5. PSPad

PSPad is another excellent text and code editor application for Windows. PSPad is a freeware editor designed for people who always work in various programming environments. Its main features are highlighted syntax, easy handling of plain text, rich text formatting functions and every one can use it for both free and commercial purposes.


[Download PSPad]

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