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Start Screen was a completely new concept when it was launched and now it is considered to be a significant part of Windows 8. We can quickly access all the installed apps and programs from Windows 8 Start Screen. Windows 8 Start Screen is the replacement for Start Menu and we need to open it every time we want to access apps or programs. Doing this again and again might seem a tad wearisome to some users. I have published many articles on this blog on how to disable Start Screen and get the Start Menu back in Windows 8.

The most popular way to get a Start Menu just like the one in Windows 7 is to install Start8 application. But today, I will review a new application which lets you access the Start Screen items right from the Desktop in Windows 8. This new application is not like any Start Menu application but functions like a Start Menu. The application is called Star Menu Modifier. It is a freeware application for Windows 8 which allows you to dock the Windows 8 Start Screen at the top or bottom of your desktop. Start Menu Modifier works not only on a single monitor but you can also use it with a multi-monitor system.


Start Menu Modifier is a portable application and works without installation. It is user friendly and supports hotkey features as well. To enable this feature in Windows 8, just start the application and choose the position where you want to toggle your Start Screen (like at the top or bottom of the screen). Once you’ve selected the position, click on the Apply button and this application will start working instantly. When you click on the Start Screen, this application will show it at the selected position. You can also choose the option “Run at windows startup” to run Start Menu Modifier automatically when you start Windows 8 the next time.


You can disable this application any time by using the Restore Default button. Restore Default button will restore your Start Screen as it was in the beginning and you will be able to access Windows 8 Start Screen in its normal mode.

Start Menu Modifier is a great solution for users who are fond of tinkering around and customizing Windows 8. This time they have the option to get the Start Screen directly on the Desktop.

[Download Start Screen Modifier]

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