TLVstagram: A Windows 8 App to Browser Instagram Photos from Desktop

Instagram is a popular online photo sharing website similar to Picasa and Facebook. You must be aware of the fact that in April this year, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. There are lots of software and applications available on the internet to work around Instagram directly from the desktop which let you download, upload and browse through your photos. Now it is time to do something new – you can now browse the latest uploaded photos coming from Instagram network in real-time after installing the new Windows 8 App, TLVstagram. The photos will be grouped by their tags like for instance pictures from Telaviv, London, Newyork and more. It is only the second version of app to be released and developer will improve its feature in the upcoming version. At present, you can Sign-in your own account, Search, Commenting & Likes, and most importantly get real time updates which make this application a powerful Instagram app in Windows 8 Apps Store.


Another pretty interesting feature of this app is that you can add your own tags to discover images of your interest. When you add a new tag in the TLVstagram, all the images with predefined tags will be gone and it will show you the latest photos tagged with your newly added tags. You can try using multiple tags at once to check out your favorite photos streaming in from Instagram network in real-time.

To add a new tag, right-click on the empty area of TLVstagram app and tap the Add Tag option from the app bar which will automatically pop-up when you right-click on the running app. After that, enter your favorite tag name and title in the blank area and click on the Add button. If your tag is not available, TLVstagram will show you an error message so that you can try for another similar tag. Users will have full permission to delete added tags any time and they will be able to remove old tags and add new ones any time they want.


When you click on any photo available in the TLVstagram app screen, you will get full information about the user who uploaded the photo. Users can also set their favorite picture as Windows 8 Lockscreen Image or they can save the image to the local computer. You can access all the options with a right-click of your mouse on the empty area of the photo view.



  • View Instagram Photos by #tags
  • Set Favorites #tags for your Main page
  • Share Instagram photos with your Friends !
  • View Instagram photos of Tel Aviv Photos
  • Set your favorites picture as your Lockscreen Image

To install it from Windows 8 Apps Store, open Windows 8 Apps Store from Windows 8 Start Screen. Press Win + F key to open the search box and then enter TLVstagram app name in the search box.

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