Start Menu Reviver: Touch Friendly Start Menu for Windows 8

Now-a-days Windows 8 is the most popular operating system and majority of people are migrating to Windows 8 from old version like Windows 7 and other versions of Windows. Windows 8 is faster and more user-friendly but it lacks the feature of classic Start Menu. I had also reviewed lots of software and tricks to get back Start Menu in Windows in my previous post. However, here is another review of best app to fill this void.

There is confirmed news that Microsoft is going to release its updated version of Windows 8 known as Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) that will come with built-in Start Menu feature. But if you are looking for any Start Menu application that supports touch device rather than waiting for at least a month to get Update of Widows 8.1, Start Menu Reviver is inevitable the best app.

Start Menu Reviver is a free Windows 8 application that brings Start Menu back to work and also launches desktop as well as Metro Apps with one click. Now major tablet manufactures are launching their new tablets with Windows 8 OS pre-installed, but lots of users have the issue of comfort-ability to access important tasks because there Classic Start Menu is no longer available. On internet you can find lots of freeware application that can easily bring that Start Menu back in Windows 8, but they are not up to mark and neither Touch-friendly. On other hand Start Menu Reviver is truly touch-friendly application which was developed for Windows 8. Users can launch both traditional desktop programs and new Windows 8 modern applications directly from the Start Menu.


Start Menu Reviver offers fully customizable options and it can accommodate up to 32 tiles which are fully customizable. Users can select the application, documents, folders and files that they want to launch instantly from Start Menu. The title images, icons and many more others personalization and customization options work like Jelly Bean. The most important thing is search box in Start Menu. And with Start Menu Reviver, you will get the same experience of Windows 7 Start Menu search option which will help you to find applications, computer settings and documents in a matter of seconds.


Overall Start Menu Reviver is a nice Windows 8 application to get back Start Menu with full support for touch devices. Windows users who damm wants the Classic Start Menu back in Windows 8 must get this app. It is free, quick, and works smoothly with Windows 8, in both 32-bit and 64-bit version.

[Download Start Menu Reviver]

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