Get Live Fly on Your Windows Screen

Do you like houseflies? I’m sure your answer is no. But what if these flies come on your Windows screen? Not real ones but fake flies and you can also control the number of flies on-screen. FlyOnDesktop can bring these fake flies to your Windows screen. This utility will fully simulate the behavior of a real fly. Launch 5-10 units, and you will believe that these are true flies.


FlyOnDesktop is a small sized software  and you can use it on all Windows OS. After installation, it will automatically start on Windows start-up. You can manage all fly settings from system tray fly icon where you can enable it for startup, add more flies on the desktop and exit option also. This application uses less system resources so you can use it without worrying about system speed.

[Download Fly on Desktop Free]

Note: You can also download fly screensaver for Windows from same download link.

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