Snooze Opened Chrome Tabs to Read them Later with Page Snooze

I have to surf the internet constantly to find new content and news for my blog. In due course, after visiting lots of web pages, there are a dozen tabs open on my browser thus decreasing its speed. As I need to keep referring to the important contents of all opened tabs, I can’t close them. I’m sure that lots of other internet users suffer from the same issue too where they need to work with several opened tabs at a time. While searching for a solution to this issue, I came across Page Snooze, a Chrome Extension that can snooze your opened tabs for up to two weeks. A snoozed tab can be hidden for up to two weeks, and will pop back in your browser once the time is up. All the snoozed tabs can be accessed from the Page Snooze options page.

How to Use Snooze on Google Chrome?

To use Snooze, you must install its extension from the Google Chrome Web Store the download link for which is available at the end of this article. Once you install it on Chrome, it will automatically appear on your Chrome toolbar with a small black clock icon. No other configurations are required with this extension and it is ready to go. Just browse the tab that you don’t want to read currently but want to access later and click on the Snooze icon from Google Chrome Toolbar. The Snooze extension will notify you once it has successfully snoozed your opened tab with the time.

Whenever you add a new tab in the Snoozed Lists, you can track the snoozed tab with a counter that will show on the Snooze toolbar icon.


Now that you know how to snooze an open tab in Chrome, let me explain how you can check all the snoozed tabs. All the opened tabs snoozed by Snooze can be accessed from its Options page. To get to its Options page, right-click on its toolbar icon and select Options. In the Options page, you will see a full list of all the snoozed tabs.

You can open the same tab again by clicking on the URL shown under the Snoozed Links. Opening a snoozed link from the list will remove it from the Snooze list so if you don’t want to save a URL in the Snoozed Links, just click on the cross icon visible next to each snoozed URL. To clean all the snoozed tabs at once, click on the Clear All button.


By default, the Page Snooze extension holds extensions for one week when you snooze any tab by clicking on its Toolbar icon but you can extend this time to two weeks. To access other snoozed time periods, right-click on the page that you want to snooze and set the Snooze time from a pop-up menu to 1 day, 2 days, 5 days and so on.


After checking all its features, I have come to the conclusion that the Page Snooze Chrome Extension is a must have extension for all Chrome users because it helps to reduce Chrome load and we can check an important web page anytime. The Page Snooze extension is an easy and elegant way to manage all the opened tabs that you want to use later too.

[Install Page Snooze]

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