Smart RAM Booster: Boost and Free Your Android Smartphone/Tablet RAM and Improve Speed Performance

RAM is an integral part of computing and we can’t think of running a computer without RAM because it is a compulsory part of hardware. RAM performs the same functions in a tablet which it performs in a computer. Earlier, I shared a RAM booster software for computers in my post titled “Optimize and Free Up Computer RAM Memory with Memory Booster”. Today, I am going to review one more application but this time for Android based smartphones and tablets. Smart RAM Booster is a popular application for Android to free up Android RAM and increase performance.

Smart RAM Booster Android is a small and configurable widget based app that places on the top of app. It is a widget app so you can boost RAM speed instantly with one-click. The Android market has millions of applications and we install new interesting apps on our Android smartphones or tablets daily. These apps use a lot of RAM and make Android slower day by day. RAM is a very limited option so running too many applications on Android makes it a slow performance machine. There is only one solution and that is to free up RAM space to keep the device in top working condition.

How RAM Booster Works on Android?

Unlike Windows RAM booster programs, it kills all the selective important apps that are running in the background but are consuming very high space of RAM memory. At present, Smart RAM Booster app comes in 4 types of boosting: aggressive, strong, medium and gentle.

· Aggressive: Kills all the low priority apps

· Strong: Kills apps that are low priority as well as consume memory slightly below an “average”

· Medium: Kills apps that consume memory above an “average”

· Gentle: Kills apps that use considerable memory


[Download Smart RAM Booster]

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