Simple Registry Hack to Speed Up Windows 8 Startup Programs

If you are a Windows 8 user, you have probably noticed that Windows 8 has a much faster booting time compared with all previous operating systems by Microsoft. This faster booting time is achieved by Windows 8 as it saves some information on the hard drive to help it boot faster the next time. While on one hand, Microsoft added the fast startup feature for booting, on the other hand, it tweaked the startup programs as well and set them to start with some delay. Microsoft has configured Windows 8 to start all the Startup apps with a slight delay, the shortcuts for which can be accessed from the Start Menu’s Startup folder. Microsoft has implemented this strategy to reduce the operating system load during startup which improves performance on desktop and tablets. But you can change the delay the Startup apps in Windows 8 with the help of a small Registry hack. Before going any further, I would suggest that you backup your system registry files in case something goes wrong but if you edit the Registry carefully, it will not cause any type of errors.

1. Start the Registry Editor by typing the regedit command in the RUN box. Once the Registry Editor opens, navigate the following key:


In case the Serialize key does not exist, you can create it yourself by right-clicking on Explorer key > New > Key. Enter the new key value as Serialize.


2. In the 2nd step, you have to create a new DWORD key named StartupDelayInMSec and set its value to 0.


No further steps are required. You can now check if your Registry hack worked for you or not. To check it, you can place some new program in the Windows 8 Startup folder and check the difference in the system speed.

How to Open Startup folder in Windows 8?

Opening the Startup folder in Windows 8 is not a big deal; you can access it from the following location:

C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

In the above Startup path, replace the username with your own. You can also use the shell:Start command in the RUN (Win+R) box to open the Startup folder instantly in Windows 8. For a more detailed guide, you can read my previous article “How to Open Startup Folder in Windows 8” that explains the complete Startup folder topic.


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