Set Password on Folders in Windows OS

Sharing computers with many people is a great risk security wise. You cannot always ensure your privacy on shared computers and systems. It is a very difficult task that you protect your files and folders from other people sharing the same computer. The internet is filled with password protection software but most of them are paid versions, not free. Today I will tell you about a special software that not only protects your files with password but hides them too. I am talking about Free Hide Folder. It is a completely free computer security software that hides your private folders. It is advisable to keep your personal data away from unauthorized access. Normally Windows has the option to hide files and folders  but it does not provide better security as anybody can easily disable this function and access your folders and files. With the help of this freeware program, you can make any folder invisible with a little pointing and clicking.

How to use it?

Using Free Hide Folder is very easy. You can use the below steps to learn this software.

1. Download it [Free Hide Folder]

2. Double click on the downloaded file and complete all the setup process. When you launch this software for the first time it will ask for password. Please enter your password to initiate protection of your files and folder. The software will ask you to register. However, registration is not compulsory for proper functioning of the program for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


3. After setting the password, a new window will open. Now click on the Add button, select the folder you want to hide and press OK.


4. Now you have a new hidden folder that nobody will be able to see or access.


Free Hide Folder also supports backup function. You can use it for backup settings of your hidden folders. It can’t take backup of your folder contents. It means that you can use backup settings in case you have to reinstall Windows OS.

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