How to Set Other Language as Default in is now one month old and scores of people all over the world have begun using it as their primary email address because is easy to use and has a clean modern UI. All the major online services always provide an option to change the default language setting so that users can easily understand their service in their own language. Microsoft has also added a language change feature in and every user has the option to change the default language from English to a different one. As of now, supports more than 100 languages which include most of major languages in the world. So if you are not comfortable handling your account in English then you have the option to change it to any other language that you can understand better. To change the default language in, you need to follow the instructions given below:

Steps to Change Default Language in

Login with your account and click on the Gear icon to open the Settings pop-up menu. Click on the More mail settings option from the pop-up menu.

Now in the Settings page, click on the Language option under Customize Outlook and it will move you on to a new page where you can choose one from the list of all available languages.

This is the last step where you just need to choose the language that you want to set as your default language in Once you have selected the language, click on the Save button.

For example, I have changed my language to Hindi and now everything on is displayed in Hindi.

This way, you can set any language as the default language in You can also revert back to English language using the same steps.

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