How to Save Gmail Email On Your Local Computer

Yesterday, I want trying to save an email that I had received on my Gmail ID. But I was surprised to discover that there is no option available in Gmail to download email on your computer. Generally, we use Gmail accounts to send and receive emails but yesterday was the first time that I tried to download an email on my local computer. In Gmail, you only have the Print option available to print any email directly via printer but unfortunately you can’t download your email in any format.

Fortunately, Gmail Labs have the option to enable this feature on any Gmail account. It is well known that Gmail Labs offers a number of features which are available on an experimental basis and you can enable or disable them as per your choice. There is one such experimental feature in Gmail Labs titled Create a Document that allows you to create a Google Document from an email conversation or a new blank document. It means that you can convert any email into a Google Doc file and Google Doc files can be easily edited and saved on your computer. So first of all, you need to save your Email as a Google Doc and then onto your computer.

Gmail users who would like to download any Gmail mails on their local computer may follow the steps given below:

1. Frist of all, you need to enable Create a Document Lab Experiment in your Gmail. To enable this, click on the Gear icon in your Gmail account and then click on Settings.


2. In the Settings window, click on the Labs option and enable Create a Document Lab experiment.


3. Once you have enabled Create a Document, go back to your Gmail Inbox and open the Email that you want to save on your computer. After opening the email, click on the More button and then choose Create a Document option that is now available. When you will click on Create a Document, Gmail will move you to another tab and open your email in Google Doc format.


4. Now, you can easily edit and download the doc file. To download email on your local computer, click on File menu and then Download as option. Download as option offers various file formats in which to download any doc file. For example, to download any email as PDF, click on PDF Document (.pdf) option and so on.


In this way, you can download any Gmail mail on your system as a PDF file or any other format. When you choose Create a Document option in More menu, Gmail creates a Doc file in your Google Docs account ( If you would not like to keep any email on your Docs account, go to and delete the newly created doc file after downloading it on your local computer.

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