Save and Sync Your Chrome Tab and Window on Other Computer

I have more than 3 computer and using all of them for different works and I am using same Chrome browser for browsing net and I am using one Chrome extension on my all Chrome browser for access same opened tab and window on other computer also. It provides me same Chrome tab and window on other computer also so save time for reopen same tab on another Chrome browser. Otherwise I need to note all open tabs and then manually open these same tab and windows on other computer. You can also get same features on your Chrome browser using one Chrome extension. Sesh is newly lunched extension for Unclutter your browser by putting away tabs and windows and coming back to them later. By help of Sesh you can unclutter your browsing session by putting away tabs and windows you don’t need now and letting you come back to them later.


How to use Sesh extension ?

You can use it easily after installation it will make one small icon on your Google Chrome browser click on it. Now it will ask for save window or tab choose as you wish and then enter title for remember if you net set title it will automatic save tab with same as page title. For store only single tab click on Store tab or if you want to save full window with all tabs then choose Store window option. Now just enable Chrome sync (be sure to enable bookmark syncing) and you’ll be good to go.  (Chrome sync instructions here)

Now open same windows or tab on other computer install same Sesh extension on other computer and sync it with same Google account and then click on Sesh button and open your same tab or windows again on other browser.

[Download Chrome Sese extension]

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