Remove “Your Purchase could not be Completed” Error in Windows 8 Store

Last night, I was working with Windows 8 Metro App Store and got the message “Your purchase could not be completed” while installing a free application. I tried all old and new apps but continuously kept getting error messages. Apart from these messages, there was no option or explanation to indicate how users can solve this issue. This same message appears in both free and paid Metro Apps but unfortunately without any option to solve this issue. I tried looking for a solution in Windows 8 settings but nothing worked to solve this Windows 8 Metro App installation issue. Finally, I searched on Google and got the solution – to install any Metro App from Windows 8 Metro App Store, you must configure and login with your Microsoft Live account. Once, you successfully add your Live account in Windows 8, Windows 8 Metro App Store will not give any error and install all the free apps smoothly.

How to Configure Windows Live account to Install Windows 8 Metro Apps?

To add your Windows Live account in Windows 8, first of all, go to PC settings which can be accessed from the Windows 8 Charms Bar.


In PC Settings, click on Users from the left-hand panel and then click on Switch to a Microsoft account option in the right-hand panel.


Once you click on Switch to a Microsoft account, Windows will ask you to enter all of your Live account details like email address, password, country and many other security related questions. If you don’t have a Live account, you can use the sign-up option to create a new one and then use the newly created Windows Live account in Windows 8. After successfully switching to your Microsoft account, come back on Windows 8 Metro Apps Store and try to install any application. Now since you have switched to Windows Microsoft account, Windows 8 Metro Apps Store will not show any error during installation.

To switch back to your local account, follow the same steps as given above and choose the Switch to local account option. But my advice is that always use Microsoft Account to login into Windows 8 because it gives you some extra security features and functionality.

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