Recycle Your Closed Tabs in Google Chrome [Chrome Extension]

We have just reviewed new Google Chrome reset feature and today again we are going to review the new extension called Recycle Bin. The word Recycle Bin needs no explanation as this is available in daily computer life. As you all know that we can restore deleted items from the Recycle Bin without any headache but it works only for Windows files and folders. In the Chrome you have only history option to restore the old opened tabs or recently closed tab but now you can restore them from Chrome own Recycle Bin. Yes, this is true that now you can use own Recycle Bin for Google Chrome using Recycle Bin Extension for Chrome.

Recycle Bin for Chrome is straight forward and handy solution to remember closed tab so that it can be revisited later. Without any user interface it records all the closed tabs so that you can recover them back any time. Apart from recording it have numbers of other features that makes this extension very useful for every Chrome user.

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How to Use Recycle Bin Chrome Extension?

There is no complicated settings with this extension, just install it from Chrome Web Store and it will show-up at your Chrome toolbar after installation. Now everything, you will close any tab it will show total numbers of tabs and you can access them by clicking on its icon. To restore any closed tab again, click on Recycle Icon and choose the closed tab from popup-list. There is search feature also available in the pop-up to find our any specific tab.


Recycle Bin for Chrome also supports some extra functions and customizations that makes it more useful. In the configuration page, you can change the app default icon and change the value for to store maximum tabs. By default it store maximum 20 recently closed tabs but you can increase this value.


There is one simple shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+T available with the Chrome but this shortcut does not record any closed tab. So, Recycle Bin for Chrome users will be right choice.

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