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A few days back, I had published two useful articles on Password Security Info Graphic and converting Windows 8 system into Wi-Fi Hotspot. As we all know that Wi-Fi is the most popular way to access internet wirelessly with superior speed. Now-a-days, a lot of companies have started Wi-Fi hotspots to give internet access to its customers at important locations at reasonable rates. This seems to be some sort of good news but we are also allowing them to interfere with our security and privacy. It is also true that Wi-Fi is not a reliable and secure way to access the internet because it increases the chances of your passwords and other personal details getting hacked by cyber criminals. Furthermore, your own Wi-Fi hotspot is not secure and there are many ways by which your own private information can be accessed on your own Wi-Fi connection.

How to Protect Wi-Fi Network?

There are several ways to protect Wi-Fi Networks and the most important solution is to set a Wi-Fi password secure and complicated enough for strangers to guess. Small and easy passwords are easy to decode and can be easily hacked by cyber criminals or malwares. If you think that your Wi-Fi is secure with a secure and complicated password, then you should probably think twice. Now-a-days, various techniques are available that capture Wi-Fi data to analyze them and get all the information that passes through the Wi-Fi network. Packet Capturing technique is one of the most common way to track any information from any given running network. So the most important question that arises is how can you secure your Wi-FI access completely? I know a freeware tool called WiFi Protector that scans all the Wi-Fi networks you use on a regular basis for any security problems and helps in being protected online. WiFi Protector offers various types of security levels that keep your information always safe from hacking or unauthorized access.

WiFi Protector offers four main levels of security like Intruder Alerts, Wi-Fi Network Protection, Wi-Fi Security Scan and VPN Protection.  All these security layers are enough to protect your information on any type of Wi-Fi network. Intruder Alerts work for your own Wi-Fi hotspot and shows a list of all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Intruder Alert can easily identify any device that you don’t recognize from your list of trusted devices. It means that you can easily track the people who are using your Wi-Fi network without your permission and apply more powerful security level on your Wi-FI hotspot. It also alerts you when any unknown person is connected with your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Security Scan is another built-in security tool of WiFi Protector that scans your current network and reveals any security problems such as insecure authentication protocols and weak passwords. This feature can be used on private and business Wi-Fi hotspots for enhanced security. WI-Fi Network Protection and VPN Protection also offer extra layer of security through advanced techniques.


WiFi Protector is available for free and can be downloaded with all the features but its free version is ads supported. You can buy the paid version of Wi-Fi Protector to get rid of annoying ads.

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