PicMonkey: Online Photo Editor to Add Special Effects on Your Photos

I have reviewed many online tools to edit photos online as online tools are easier to use than any photo editing tool on the system like Photoshop. Photoshop is the best Windows application to edit and create effects on photos and other graphic related stuff. But most photo editing tools are quite complicated and an average computer user can have a hard time using them. To solve the photo editing problems of my users, I am going to review a new online photo editing freeware tool called PicMonkey.

I just opened PicMonkey website on my browser and now I am going to explain how it works. First of all, there is a large picture with the message Edit your photo or Drag it on over. In order to to start editing, click on Edit your photo picture and PicMonkey will ask you to upload the photo that you want edit using this online tool. This tool takes a few seconds to upload your photo online, depending on the internet speed and photo size. Once the photo or picture is uploaded on PicMonkey, you will see the editing window on your browser. The uploaded photo is on the right side of the PicMonkey window and all the available tools to add special effects to your photo are on the left side.


Now that you have uploaded a photo on PicMonkey, you have to choose the options and effects you want to apply to the uploaded photo. In the above image, you can see that there are lots of options on the left side of the page. The first option is Basic Edits and you can use it set all the basic adjustments like cropping, image rotation, colors and so on. If you don’t know a lot about color settings, you can press the Auto adjust button to automatically fix all the settings to the best value. After Basic Edits, click on the next option, Effects. In the effects tab, you can change some more color settings to enhance your photo further. I can’t explain all the effects one by one over here but you should try to check them all to give the desired effects to your photo.


Next is the Touch Up option. Touch Up allows us to make up the face and focus on areas like lips, eyes and skin. Using these options, you can make your uploaded photo more attractive. When you choose an option, you will also see more sub-options to make your picture perfect. You may need a little time to learn and use all of them.


Like I said, I can’t explain all the options of this online tool so I am going to give a short review of all the features. After Touch Up, you can put text on the picture by using the Text option. You get an option to enter any text on the picture with all available fonts on PicMonkey. The other features are Overlay, Frames and Textures. To create an awesome photo, you can use all these effects and finally need to press the Save button to save your creation on your computer.

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