How to Open Multiple Pages at Chrome Startup

Generally, when we start any browser, it opens a single tab with the default homepage or the webpage that we have configured. Most users set their browser startup tab with a search engine (usually Google) and manually browse other websites or search engines on another tab. A few months back, I had shared one article on how to add and search queries with multiple search engines. That article helps Chrome users to conduct searches using a specific website along with the default search engine. But there are also people who want to start multiple tabs or browse multiple websites when they launch Chrome. But most Chrome users don’t have any idea that this is the built-in feature of Chrome which helps to quickly open predefined multiple tabs with every startup of Google Chrome. You can also enable this feature without using of any type of extension.

Here is the step-by-step process to open multiple tabs with your favorite websites or search engines:

Start your Google Chrome browser and click on the wrench icon which will open a popup menu and then click on Settings.


Now in the Settings page, look for the On startup option and choose the Open a specific page or set of pages option. You will also see a Set pages option to add multiple pages into Chrome; click on it.


In the Set pages dialog box, enter URL of the webpage or website that you want to open with every Google Chrome Startup and once done, press the OK button to save your pages. You can add multiple pages that you want to open automatically at Chrome startup and you can also delete any page that you don’t wish to see at Chrome startup. To add a new page, just enter the desired URL in the Add a new page box and then click on any empty save. Chrome will automatically add your URL in the list.


Using the above trick, you can have your favorite pages automatically open for you to peruse through right at the startup of Chrome which will save lots of your time and the effort to manually open those pages.

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