How to Open and Edit PDF Files in Microsoft Office 2013

I am really glad that I have installed Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview to test and review its features for my blog readers. It is well known that Microsoft has added lots of new things and improved its features in general to make it a better Office suite as compared to its previous versions. One of the most popular features of the Office 2013 suite is that it can open and edit PDF files just like any PDF reader and Editor. This will make our Windows life more convenient and powerful. Normally, to read any PDF file in Windows we need to install a PDF Reader and we need a PDF Editor to edit any PDF file. But we will no longer need to install any third party application to read or edit PDF files because Microsoft Office 2013 Word can do it easily.

Since we can now open all types of PDF files in Microsoft Office Word 2013 itself, we can save some system resources which were otherwise wasted on third party PDF applications. Here, I am going to explain the procedure as to how you can open and edit any PDF file using Microsoft Office Word 2013.

It is very simple to open PDF files in Word 2013. All you have to do is simply open the file and then you can edit it if you wish.

1. First of all, start Microsoft Word 2013 and click on the Open Other Documents option.


2. Moving on to the second step, click on the Open button and select the Computer option to browse the PDF file that you want to open with Office 2013 Word.


3. Finally, you can read as well as edit any line in the full PDF file using Word 2013.


All the above steps are quite simple to follow and can be used to read and edit any PDF file easily in Microsoft Office Word 2013. You can visit my earlier article Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview is Now Available for Download to download Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview on your computer. You will get all the direct downloading links of Office 2013 suite there.

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