One Click Theme Switcher Tool for Windows 7 and 8

Advanced Windows users surely have idea that most of things in Windows OS can be done using the command prompt. For many tasks Windows supports both commands and GUI tools, but Command tool is bit more on clumsy side. Majority of users always want to use any GUI tool to customize the Windows and they don’t want to get puzzled with Registry keys and commands. The most popular way to change Windows look is by changing its theme. There are lots of customization possibilities inside the Windows theme. Applying new theme in Windows 8 is not a complicated task, but if you want to apply new theme using the command prompt then it might be difficult for many Windows users.

Winaero Theme Switcher is a nice freeware tool available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 that have built-in theme manager to apply any theme instantly.


How to Use Winaero Theme Switcher?

Unlike any other app it is very easy to use. It is a portable application and you can start using it once you download it at computer. Once you open it click on Apply a theme button and it will ask you to locate the theme that you want to apply. It also has theme lookup feature that automatically browse the theme at the following locations:

C:\Windows\Resources\Easy of Access Themes


Please remember Windows 7 and 8 themes files come in “.themepack” format and in order to use them in Windows you must install them on system by double clickling on the theme file.

[Download Theme Switcher]

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