Official Dropbox App is Now Available at Windows 8 Apps Store

Dropbox is, without a doubt, the most popular online storage service and is available for different platforms like Windows, Android and iOS. Until now, it didn’t have an official app for Windows 8 but Dropbox has finally released its Windows 8 App that you can download from Windows 8 Apps Store. This will be great news for Windows 8 tablet users because the tablet version of Windows 8 does not support its desktop application. So they can install the Dropbox app from Windows 8 Apps Store. With this app, you can easily access and browse all your Dropbox files directly on your Windows 8 system. It comes with a 2-step verification security too and you have to enter the 6-digit security code sent to your mobile when you enter your login details. If you have not enabled 2-step verification then Dropbox will open your files and folders automatically once you enter your email ID and password.


The Dropbox Windows 8 App features a clean Modern UI and an easy to navigate file system. It does not have a built-in viewer to open PDF and Document files but it can open your photos with its built-in image viewer. It uses default applications like PDF Reader to open PDF files.


When you login with your account, it does not download the files physically on your system. It just creates a list of all the available files on your account and when you click on any file to check the contents, it downloads them on your system so you can view it. To access its settings, swipe your mouse cursor on the right side of the screen and click on the Settings option from the Charms Bar. In the Settings panel, you can change account, permission and notification related settings.


Overall, the Dropbox app is as simple as its online version with no any extra features available. It also lacks some important options like security and sharing although we can expect some extra features in its next release.


  • Browse and preview all of your files and photos on Dropbox
  • Open, edit and save files from other Windows 8 apps
  • Share any photo, file or folder with the Share Charm
  • Find your files with the Search Charm

[Dropbox for Windows 8]

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