NTFS Permissions Tool: Change File and Folder Permissions Easily

In all new Windows OS, users can set any permissions on files and folders without administrator privilege and all files stand ready only for normal users. If users want to edit or modify any files they must have ownership otherwise they will not be able to do anything with them. NTFS Permissions Tool is an easy to use freeware utility to set permissions and ownership of all files and folders. You can use this small software on both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows.


How to use it ?

Using this application is very simple. Just download the file, double click on it and it will start without any installation. After opening the application, it will ask you to Drag and Drop the file for which you want to set permissions. You can also set Advanced Security Settings for files and folders with a right-click.


You can copy and paste permissions of files and folders onto other files and folders. This is a good idea if you have huge collections of files and folders and you wish to set the same permissions on all. Backup permissions is also a powerful feature of this small utility because you can restore permissions if you set the wrong settings by mistake.

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