Now Watch Live TV on Windows 8 with Live TV App

Windows is a multi-purpose OS and has a whole array of uses and functions. We can use it for both work and entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, we can use Windows to watch movies, play games, listen to music, and a lot of other stuff. In Windows 7, Media Center was available as the default entertainment software but in Windows 8, Microsoft has made it optional and Windows 8 users have to buy it from the Microsoft website. However, there are lots of other alternative entertainment sources available for your Windows 8 in the form of apps. Live TV app is one such app.

Live TV is a newly launched app on Windows 8 Apps Store that enables you to watch live TV for free in Standard Definition on your computer or mobile device. The Live App has been developed by the popular live TV website, If you are a big fan of and watch its LIVE TV channels regularly then the Live TV app is perfect for you as it is available for free on the Windows 8 Apps Store.


How to Install Live TV?

To install the Live TV app on Windows 8, you can search the Windows 8 Apps Store for Live TV and then click on the result. It is a very small size app and will take only a few seconds to install on Windows 8. Once you install this app, you can start watching live TV without having any account but to get more features and some extra paid channels, you must register with, its main website, and choose a suitable plan. Luckily, there is a big list of available free channels that you can watch without paying a dime.


As this live streaming app, Live TV is not ideal for users with a slow speed internet connection or with limited data internet packs.


Live TV as a free app works great and is able to entertain its users free of cost. Streaming works like a HD service although you can select the Live mode as Free SD or HD with one click on the watching area. This is the first version of the app by so there is a possibility that we might get some more features on this app in the future versions. At present, it works smoothly and does not support multi-tasking. Users can view only a single channel at a time but you can visit the channel on the live website where links are available for every channel. Live TV is suitable for Windows 8 users who want to access TV without installing any hardware like TV-Tuner on the computer.

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