News Factory: Get Latest Updates from Your Favorite Website without Visiting Them in Browser

This is the digital age where information and news travels with lighting fast speed and you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings in the world. The internet is the fastest way to keep a track of the latest information and innovations. But if you want to keep yourself updated all the time, you will need to spend a generous amount of time on the internet and keep visiting websites which you like most to get the latest news. We lead such busy lives and always have hectic schedules to maintain so searching news on the internet seems like a waste of time. Thus it is important that you easily get all the latest information and news updates without visiting the website manually in the browser. Nowadays, all the informative websites change frequently and you need the help of other third party solutions to get notified of these changes directly. News Factory Chrome Extension is one such solution. News Factory is a unique and time-saving way to read news from websites and social networks in one place, using your browsing history.


Once you install it in Chrome, it will redirect you to the News Factory settings page where you can configure it to get updates from your favorite websites. News Factory is a very intelligent extension and can scan all of your browsing history and bookmarked websites. News Factory uses the entire browsing history, bookmarked websites and most visited website details to create a ready to use source but if it did not find any favorite website in the list then you can also add them manually in News Factory.


News Factory not only helps you to keep track of your favorite websites but you can also use it for your social accounts. News Factory is social enabled: connect with Facebook and you will be able to publish interesting articles you read, share them with your friends and see what they are reading. To enable this feature on News Factory, go to the Social tab and click on the Facebook connect button.


Once you finalize all the settings, you will be able to get the latest updates from your favorite websites when you click on the News Factory icon from the Chrome toolbar along with a notifications popup in Windows as well.



  • Browsing history scan / preferred sites detection
  • Automatic retrieval / update of your Google Reader feeds
  • Add new sites on the fly while you read them, in one click!
  • Browser icon badge counter showing number of new posts
  • Notifications and options preferences
  • Posts titles with image previews

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