Media Player Codec Pack for Windows 8 [Download Link]

Windows 8 player is the default player in Windows 8 to play media files like Mp3 or any Video file. All versions of Windows Media Player in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 support only limited media file extensions and can’t play most of latest media files available on the internet. On Windows 8, I checked that this time again, Microsoft has not added any extra codec pack to play the most popular media files on the internet. To play a media file which is not supported by Media Player, you need to download the codec files manually on Windows 8. I am not talking especially about Windows 8 here. Microsoft has not provided any codecs in Windows XP and Windows 7 too. These same missing codec packs are again not available in Windows 8.

Manually searching and installing all the codecs one by one is a very long and tedious task. At last, we have two solutions to solve the missing codec problem, the first one being to install a third party codec pack bundle and the second is to change your media player and use VLC, SMPlayer, Classic Player etc. instead. If you don’t want an extra player on your computer then you can use codec packs. A large number of codec packs are available on the internet to play all types media formats without any problem. Popular codec pack developer has finally developed a codec pack for Windows 8 too. Previously, they have provided codec packs for Windows 7. Using this latest codec pack for Windows 8, you can play most of the media files like amr, mpc, ofr, divx, mka, ape, flac, evo, flv, m4b, mkv, ogg, ogv, ogm, rmvb, xvid and many more.


Once you install this codec pack on Windows 8, you get a full thumbnail of all types of media files so that you can preview them before opening any file. You will also get full customization options to enable or disable codecs on the system.

On the other hand, VLC and SMPlayer are also good choices as these players come with a built-in codec pack to play all types of media files. Both players are available in portable format too. So now you have to decide which solution is best for you and suits your requirements.


1. Full color thumbnails including FLV’s and 10bit MKV’s
(also allows users to select at what point by percentage to grab the thumbnail)
2. Enable the Preview Pane for ALL newly enabled file types such as MKV and FLV.
3. Explorer properties are displayed for non native file types such as MKV and FLV
4. Updated often – and has update notification built-in
5. Allow use of the PDVD12 decoders for 32bit LiveTV
6. Supports the use of Xbox360 as Extenders to playback MKV files
7. Allows single click setup of Bit-streamed Audio
8. Support playback of MOD audio files and M4A files containing ALAC
9. Supports playlist creation for use in Media Center
10. Allow users to Enable/Disable codecs installed on their system
11. Functionality such as Win7DSFilterTweaker built-in.
12. Support ‘Add to Windows Media Player List’ using right-click on all files such as MKV.

[Download Codec Pack for Windows 8]

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