Manage Your Privacy Settings in Chrome with Privacy Manager

We can manage most of the things in Chrome via its settings area but there are some privacy settings in Chrome which are not accessible directly using the Chrome control panel. Settings which are available in the control panel are available separately and it becomes very difficult to manage them one by one. Privacy settings include lots of settings which are directly related to user information and users want to avoid any leaks when it comes to their private information. As of now, Chrome does not offer a direct option to manage your privacy settings but you can easily manage them using the Chrome extension Privacy Manager. Privacy manager provides an interface for users to easily manage their privacy settings. Once you have installed it on Chrome you can easily access all the privacy settings from one place and manage them easily. After installing Privacy Manager, it will automatically start appearing on the Chrome address bar and when you click on it, it will show all the privacy settings in a popup menu. Although you can manage all the privacy settings from the experimental page (chrome://flags) it is not secure and it is quite difficult to remember which settings are related to privacy.

privacy-manager-for-chromePrivacy Manager is very easy to use and all settings are turn on/off type. Privacy Manager consists of two parts – the first is related to full privacy management and the second one is related to automatically clearing browser data during browser startup.

Privacy Management supports the following settings:

  • Third-party cookies
  • Auto Fill
  • Instant Mode
  • Safe browsing mode
  • Search suggestions
  • Spelling service
  • Translation service
  • Hyperlink auditing
  • Referrers
  • Network prediction
  • Alternate error pages

Clear on startup supports: Cookies, App. Cache, Downloads, File systems, Form data, History, Indexed DB, Local storage, Plugin data, Passwords and Web SQL. This option is a really big advantage because it is able to create a fresh browser with every startup and if you are on multi-user computer, it will delete all the previous history on startup.

To get more details about the settings available within Privacy Manager, you can hover the mouse over each setting and it will show the related details. I recommend it for your Chrome browser if you are concerned about your privacy while browsing the net.

[Install Privacy Manager]

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