Manage Your Facebook Pages with Official Facebook Pages Manager

The Facebook app for Android has been around for a long time and is the best way to control your Facebook account like status updates, latest news, friend requests without browsing the website on browser manually. However, the Facebook app is limited to only check your personal account but there is no option to manage your official Facebook pages on the same app. Until now, in order to manage your Facebook pages, you had to check them manually in the browser. But now Facebook has released its official app, Facebook Pages Manager. With this app, you can administer all your pages connected with your account and track their activities with one click. Facebook has also added a number of features in this app so that you can completely manage your pages directly from your smartphone and tablet. You can post new updates and photos and respond to comments on your Pages. You can also view and reply to private messages, get notifications about any new activity on your Pages right away as well as view your latest Page Insights. All these cool features make this app very useful and indispensable.

How to Use Facebook Pages Manager?

Like in the Facebook app, you need to enter your login ID and Password to start managing your Facebook pages when you start Facebook Pages Manager for the first time. Once you login, you will be redirected to the first page of which you are the administrator. On this page, you can see the latest information about insights, photos and the option to check the activity log. You can also check the latest post that you submitted on the page. You can click on the Update Status option to post a new update and use the Share photos option to upload new photos from your smartphone. To switch to another page, you can use the menu which appears on the top left of the screen.


Facebook Pages Manager is a good app to access and manage your Facebook pages and comes in handy if you are the admin of any Facebook page. It saves you the trouble of logging into Facebook on a browser solely for the purpose of managing your Facebook pages and lets you do this directly from your smartphone.

[Facebook Pages Manager on Google Play]

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