How to Limit Download Speed Using IDM

Most of  us spend a huge amount of time downloading various software and movies. But the problem is that when you start any download, it occupies all the speed bandwidth which makes other downloads and browsing very slow. A simple method to solve this problem is to pause the downloading operation and start your other work. Obviously, this is not the best solution. However, there is a way out. You can try  using the IDM “Speed Limiter”. It is an inbuilt tool in IDM that gives you the freedom to choose any download limit so that you handle more than one download. Here are some simple steps to learn about  the Speed Limiter option in IDM.

Open your IDM and Click on “Downloads” from the menu bar then from Speed Limiter, select “Turn On”

You can also set the maximum download speed for files as 20 Kilobytes/sec or 1024 Kilobytes/sec for 1 Mb speed. To set the maximum download speed, just click on settings and enter your required value.

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