Killer Tweaks for Speed Up Google Chrome

These tips can be applied on Chrome 12.0 or newer versions. Other websites may be showing some more tweaks but all these are only for older versions. I am using the latest version of Google Chrome so that visitors get the right tweaks to speed up Google Chrome.

Everyone knows that Google Chrome is already a speedy browser and there’s no need for further settings and tweaks to make it faster. But every browser has some extra features and all these features are not usable for normal internet browser. Google Chrome supports developer mode and it is true that it is a very important and powerful feature but only for web developers not for normal users. So I decided to find out some good tweaks and settings to get better speed in our Google Chrome.

1. Disable Unwanted Functions using shortcut command:

You can disable lots of  unwanted functions in Google Chrome by editing its desktop shortcut. You only need to add the word -disable-java in Chrome’s shortcut path.

a) Right click on Chrome’s desktop icon and select Properties.


b) Now you will see the Target path under Shortcut tab of Google Chrome. Just add -disable-java at the end of the complete shortcut path. It will disable all java functions of browser and speed it up.


c) You can use some more commands for disabling other unwanted functions:

-disable-images – Use it to disable all images from the browser. This option very useful if you are using a low bandwidth internet like Mobile GPRS. It will also save your internet charges if you are using limited bandwidth internet connection. After disabling images, your browser starts working like text browser and loads all web pages faster.

-disable-plugins – Flash and other media files make any webpage slower if you are using slow connections. You can use this command for disabling all media plugins of Google Chrome and it will definitely improve your browsing speed.

-disable-logging – Google Chrome supports logging of all user and browser activity. Logging activity uses system resources and reduces system performance also. By disabling this option you can save CPU and RAM power.

-disable-dev-tools – This will disable Developers tool which is not used by a normal user for sure.

-disable-java – Java on the web is rarely used these days and it greatly slows down your browser’s performance. If you are not running any online application which uses Java or Java Applets you can safely disable this feature. This will prevent you from playing a number of Online Java Games though. (like Yahoo Games)

Disable-java-script – This will disable all kinds of JavaScript from being run on the web pages you visit. This is not recommended at  all as most of the sites these days are using some kind of JavaScript, to display pages. By Disabling JavaScript you will not be able to  see these sites properly and they will behave improperly. This is why disabling JavaScript is not recommended.

2. Disable Pop-Up windows

Pop-ups have always a great problem during browsing so you must disable it to save your internet bandwidth. To disable Pop-ups, click on Chrome Control button at the top right corner then Options. Now click on Under the Hood option and select Content Settings…


You will find Pop-ups settings here. Select Do not allow and disable all unwanted pop-ups. You can use the same window to configure some more functions like disable JavaScript, Plug-ins and images.


3. Use Adblock Plus Extension

You can block unwanted advertisements from websites using Adblock Plus extension. Till now Adblock Plus was available only for Firefox but you can now use this most popular extension with Google Chrome also. By preventing the display of ads, Adblock Plus makes browsing the web less taxing on both your computer and your sanity. But if you want to know new offers about websites and other promotional schemes then I recommend not to use this extension because it will block all types websites advertisement. But slow connection users can try this extension because it will increase page loading speed.

[Download Adblock Plus Extension]

4. Clean-up browser

During browsing Google Chrome stores a huge amount of websites data and information. Big cache or very old data stored there virtually slows your browser’s working efficiency. Therefore, it is advisable that you should clean your cache regularly in order to remove old navigational data. You can clean your cache with the help of my previously written article How to clear browsing data from Google Chrome 11.

5. Use basic theme

Google theme gallery is full of awesome designer themes and themes can improve your Chrome looks and style. But I recommend  that you use basic themes only because Google Chrome default theme loads faster than others.

6. Try Google Chrome Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the most useful features of Windows and Chrome. You can save lots of time using these keyboard shortcuts. You can visit my article on Best Google Chrome Shortcuts.

7. Regular Updates

Google releases regular updates for Chrome browser. Most of the patches and updates improve security and speed of Chrome. Google Chrome is preconfigured to check for the latest updates but you can check your browser version manually by clicking on Google Control button then selecting About Google Chrome. It will show if your browser is already updated or not and which version of Chrome you are using now.


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