Install Windows 8 Boot Screen in Windows 7

I’m sure that a majority of my blog readers who use Windows 7 have heard about Windows 8 and its versions. There are also some people who have not downloaded and installed Windows 8 on their computer yet because of the testing version but they like some Windows 8 features. Currently, the most popular feature of Windows 8 is its booting screen. People who like customization and want to get some Windows 8 features in Windows 7 can now install Windows 8 booting screen in Windows 7.

Earlier, I shared a fire boot screen for Windows 7 and that post got a good response from visitors. Today again, I am going to share a new boot screen for Windows 7 and this time it is Windows 8 boot screen. I like Windows 8 screen because of its high speed and simplicity. In Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft had used a fish based boot screen but in Release Preview they changed it with a simple and sophisticated booting screen.


Now let’s come back to Windows 7 Boot screen customization and how to change its look to Windows 8 Release Preview booting screen. Previously, I had published one tool “Windows 7 Boot Updater” to change Windows 7 boot screen. That tool helps you to change Windows 7 booting screen without any manual hack. First download it and then proceed with the following steps:

1. I hope you have already downloaded Windows 7 Boot Updater tool. Now download Windows 8 Boot Screen file:

Download Windows 8 Release Preview Boot Screen for Windows 7

2. The above link will download file in ZIP format so you need to extract it using the WinZip or WinRAR utility.

3. Now you have booting screen and the tool to change Windows 7 boot screen. Start the Windows 7 Boot Updater and go to File > Load boot skin… and your newly downloaded Windows 8 boot screen file that you extracted using WinZip/WinRAR tool (Windows-8-Release-Preview-Boot-Screen.bs7). After browsing the boot skin, click on the Apply button and restart the system and you will find that your Windows 7 boot screen has successfully been changed to Windows 8 Release Preview boot screen.

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