Huawei Mobile Partner 23 Released with Two Different Skins

Nowadays USB modems going popular and Huawei is the top USB modem manufacturer. Most of mobile operators all over the world using Huawei USB modems to distribute internet service. All mobile companies released their own connection manager based on Mobile Partner to access internet using USB stick. Mobile Partner is most popular software to connect all types Huawei modems to internet. Using Mobile Partner we can get phone call, SMS, MMS and other 3 service. Previously, Huawei released Mobile Partner 16 version and it is still very popular, Huawei modem users like it. Finally! Now we have latest Mobile Partner version available to download, it is Mobile Partner 23. Mobile Partner 23 comes with three types of skins one default two other to change Mobile Partner look. New Mobile Partner 23 look is more compact, organized and easier to use than all previous version. I just download this Mobile Partner on my system to taste its look, appearance and features. Sorry but if you are looking for phone call option in this Mobile Partner that you will find missing. It is more advanced version comes with new look but I not found any option to call someone using Huawei Modem. Previous version of Mobile Partner released with calling features but this feature is not available on latest version. May be using some tricks and files editing we can enable phone call option also. Many of Huawei user has been expected for video calling option in new version of Mobile Partner but Huawei failed to enable this feature on Mobile Partner 23 version. I explained all about Mobile Partner 23 with its cons and pros. You will get download link at the end of this post.

Enjoy some screenshots of new Mobile Partner 23:




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[Download Mobile Partner 23]

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