How to View and Edit Google Drive Presentation Offline

Google Docs which was recently converted to Google Drive is the most popular way to work with document files online. It does not matter where you are in the world because you can access Google Drive from anywhere and at any time as long as you have an internet connection. However, you can’t access your Google Drive files unless you have an internet connection which is difficult to attain all the time especially when travelling. Sometimes your device might lose its internet connection while travelling and you might end up losing the work you were doing in Google Drive. The developers at Google understand this issue and are now offering the option to view and edit presentation files offline using Google Chrome. Until now, offline editing was available only for documents but Google has now extended this feature to presentations as well. There is no special option to enable this feature because if you have already enabled offline editing then this feature will work for you without configuring any settings. In case you still haven’t enabled the Offline mode, you can do so by installing two official Google Chrome extensions or apps. You need to install the two Chrome apps, the links for which are mentioned at the end of this article and follow the instructions given below to enable the offline mode for Google Drive.

Open your Google Drive account and click on the Offline Docs option located on the left sidebar. Now click on the Enable Offline button and you will then be able to use Google Drive in Offline Mode.


If you have not tested the offline mode previously then you can check it by creating a new presentation file in Google Drive. Before creating any presentation file, make sure you have installed both apps (links available at the end of this article) on your Google Chrome. Once you enter the presentation mode, disconnect your internet and you will notice that even though your internet is disconnected you can still edit the presentation smoothly. The next time you go online, all the changes that you made in the offline mode will automatically sync with Google Drive and your work will be saved. So now you can work on the Google Drive Presentation services without worrying about losing data or connection.


You will see a small icon right next to the file title indicating that you are working in offline mode.

[Install Google Drive App]

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