How to Use Windows 8 Built-In Defender Antivirus to Scan Suspicious Files on Your Computer?

You probably might have an idea that Windows 8 has better built-in security as compared to all other previous operating systems released by Microsoft. Windows 8 comes with a built-in “Windows Defender” antivirus program that works like a savior for many computer users who always feel insecure about virus’s entering their systems. When I was new to computers, I never hesitated to apply new tricks while installing applications on Windows to get maximum security. All the antivirus programs available in the market these days are not perfect and lack the ability to protect the system from all kinds of system threats. No antivirus software can protect your computer even after installing full antivirus suite if you don’t have initial knowledge about system security. If you are familiar with the way the virus’s carry their infecting activities, then you can keep your computer safe and running even you have any small freeware antivirus program setup in your computer.

Now coming back to the topic we were discussing. Although Windows 8 is protected by Defender, there is no direct option to use it to scan suspicious files on your computer. Windows Defender works silently without any trace of it scanning the system and always works behind the scene to protect your system. In Windows 7, there is no in-built security app like Windows Defender to scan your system and the use of a third party antivirus which automatically integrates with Windows and gives you an option to scan your files for any virus presence on your system becomes necessary.

What is your view about the Windows Defender? Unlike all you guys out there, even I expect a scanning interface to control it efficiently and precisely wherever and whenever required. You can do lots of new things in Windows 8 by applying small tweaks. For theses sort of small tweaks, you have to use your sub conscious mind by right-click and turning on the scanning feature for Windows Defender. Generally, you can change the Context Menu items by editing its entries in the Windows Registry but altering values in the Registry can cause serious problems especially when you are using it for the first time. It may also result in system failure and other fatal errors which might even prohibit your computer from starting up again.

This time around, I have made this process easier and added a ready to use Registry file that automatically merges with your Windows Registry safely. It adds an option to scan suspicious files with Windows 8 built-in Windows Defender security program. To apply this tweak, you can download the compress ZIP file here which contains one small Registry file that can add a Scan option with Windows Defender immediately on Windows 8. In order to apply the new Registry values, first of all you need to extract the compress zip file and then double click on the “Add Scan with Windows Defender Option.reg” file. To check whether it is working or not, you can right-click on any item or file that you want to scan and check that Scan with Windows Defender option has been added or not.


[Via AskVG]

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