How to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

Windows 8 is almost at crossroads and hope Microsoft will release it shortly. Microsoft has already announced that everyone using Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 with same hardware configuration. So it is natural that most of the Windows 7 users will try to install Windows 8 to get the new features. Now the question is that Will Microsoft allow us to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 ? Answer is yes, they will and we can.

I had installed Windows 8 beta version ( Developer Preview) and we have full working key to use Windows 8 for one year. If you want to know more about Windows 8 developer preview you might like to read my previous post on the topic “Enjoy A Windows 8 Ride with Awesome Screenshots”.


Can I upgrade free Windows 7 to Windows 8 ?

It is another good question being asked by many people using Windows 7. I think you can’t because in all the previous launches Windows have never provided the upgrade free of cost. So we do not expect anything different for Windows 8. But it may be possible that Microsoft will offer Windows 8 upgrade with a small fee. But if you have just bought latest PC with Windows 7 version, it may be possible that Microsoft will offer you free upgrade to Windows 8. So buying a new computer at this time may be good for you but I want to suggest you wait for some more time because once Windows 8 is officially released it will come preinstalled  with most laptops and PCs as preinstalled Windows.

Are you are satisfied with Windows 7 ?

I am truly satisfied with Windows 7 because it is the best version so far from Microsoft. I have personally installed Windows 8 Developer Preview version but I could not find any good feature to describe. I liked only its hybrid booting system which can boot within few seconds and the system is ready to use. I had also checked some minor updates like new Metro UI interface, Windows explorer with new features and Task Manger but all these all things failed to prove Windows 8 is much better than Windows 7. We can just hope that Windows 8 will comes with some more interesting features. We can’t tell much about Windows 8 final version but if you look for beta it is not so much good.

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