How to Transfer Files to Android Wirelessly Without Any Cable

I had earlier written about the leading and most popular file sharing applications for Android a few days back and today I am again writing about one new application which allows you to transfer data over Android devices without using any cable connection. I am sure you must be already excited because cables always cause problems as you need to personally attach your Android device to your computer and sometimes we do get annoyed doing it. These days both computers and Android devices come with the power of Wi-Fi and we need to utilize this power for better operations. Software Data Cable is an awesome application in the Android Market and it can help you transfer files to Android phones/tablets (and vise versa) using Wi-Fi signal. Using this small app you will never again need to carry any types of cables or to attach your Android phone/tablet to the laptop. It comes with drag and drop features which can make file sharing much more easier compared to cable connections. You can also manage your files better because it comes with built-in file manager. So we can say it is two in one application for Android based devices.

How to use Software Data Cable App ?

1. Download Software Data Cable and Install it on Android or you can directly install it from Android Market (link available at the end of post).

2. Now start and connect Wi-Fi on both side (laptop and Android) of the router and start the application. To start file transfer over Wi-Fi you need to start the service of this application and then it will give you one FTP address and Port number like ( is IP and 8888 is port number) which we will use to connect our laptop Wi-Fi to Android.

Note: All devices need to be connected to the same wireless network.



3. Now open your Windows explorer and type the given FTP address and port number in explorer bar. Once you do this Windows will open all your Android directory structure in your Windows Explorer and now you have complete access to all your Android phones/tablets.

Finally, once you have full view of your Android files and folder, you can now use drag & drop feature to transfer any types of files on Android and vice-versa.


No need to carry the USB data cable to transfer data
(Drag and drop the files/folders between PC and phone)
* No need to mount and un-mount the SD card frequently
* Protect your USB interface on the phone
* No impact to your data plan (WIFI data transfer)
* Fast and easy to use file manager integrated

[Download Software Data Cable]

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