How to Stop “Open File–Security Warning” Message in Windows 7

Windows 7 is an awesome operating system and is much better than all previous OS by Microsoft. There are several reasons that Windows 7 got such a huge success in operating system market. Some of the killer features are related to speed, stability, features and security. Security system available in Windows 7 is really amazing and stops users from making unnecessary changes on system thereby making it hack proof. Open File warning message comes whenever you download any file from internet using Internet Explorer and try to run from there. For example when you open any program file which you might have just downloaded from internet it will show Open File Security Warning message. If you don’t have trust on clicked exe then don’t allow it to use your system resources but if have full idea that the exe file is safe then you can continue with them. This security system is really helpful for normal computer users but for advanced users some times it can get cumbersome because they need to take permission for the same file again and again before use. Same security warning will pop up everytime making the entire process very frustrating. Fortunately, Windows have direct option to disable this feature on system. We don’t need to do some manually settings to disable this security warning in Windows 7.

disable-open-file-warning-in-windows-7-1  1. To disable this warning message start your RUN box and type inetcpl.cpl. You can also get the same settings in Internet Explorer in tools menu. But inetcpl.cpl command can directly open this option without starting Internet Explorer.


2. Now click on Security tab and Internet Zone by default will be selected. Click on Custom level to go ahead to some more advanced settings.


3. Finally select Enable (not secure) radio button which is available in Launching applications and unsafe files (not secure) to disable file open security warning. After enabling it click on OK button to proceed to the next step.


4. Once you click on OK button Windows will ask for confirming your settings. Click on Yes button to confirm your changes in Internet Option.


For normal internet user I don’t  recommended these settings because it is very important for security reasons and it can protect you from online threats but users who have some additional knowledge about viruses and threats types can disable this warning message to speed up work on Internet Explorer.

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